June Displays

Currently on display next to the main floor desk:

Adopt a Cat Month:

Did you know that a cat’s heart beats twice as fast as a human heart, at a rate of 110 to 140 beats per minute? That’s twice as much love if you’re considering adopting a furry friend this month. Check out the materials on display for all you need to know before bringing a feline companion into your heart and into your home.

Visit the Humane Society of the High Plains website at: www.hshponline.org

June Celebrates Vegetable’s/Fruits:

Five a day keeps the doctor at bay. Browse our June display for cook books, fun stories and information on growing your own tantalizing treats. Tropical Fruit Ambrosia or Two-Potato Bisque, both recipes featured in 5 a Day: the Better Health Cookbook, are sure to win over the pickiest of eaters.

Father’s Day:

Tip off your hat to dad! Father’s Day is quickly approaching. Whether you’re a well seasoned father, a dad-to-be, or a father-figure there are resources abound on fatherhood. Check out this months display for inspiring memoirs, resources and information on your journey through fatherhood.


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