The Scariest Book Ever?

With Halloween coming up, many readers are turning toward the creepy and the spooky.  But what is the scariest book you have ever read?  Was it a Stephen King novella or collaboration with Peter Straub?  A classic horror story by masters Stoker or Shelley?  Or something by modern writers like Justin Cronin (The Passage) or Guillermo del Toro (The Strain)?

Leave a comment with your response!

Happy Hoosier Halloween

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11 thoughts on “The Scariest Book Ever?

  1. Oops . . . Uzumaki. Either way . . . scary!

    Check out Joe Hill’s Heart Shaped Box
    Joey Comeau’s One Bloody Thing After Another
    Justin Cronin’s The Passage (Best Book of 2010!!!!!!!!!!!)
    Rick Yancey’s The Monstrumologist
    Scott Smith’s The Ruins
    And a different kind of horror but still scary, David Small’s Stitches

    That is all!

  2. I think “Rose Red” has to be the scariest! I have never read it but I have seen the movie! It messed with me for months after! SOOOOOOO scary!

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  4. It has to be Stephen King because I love being scared psychologically (but don’t rub the gore in my face). I think Misery was the scariest because the basis was so real! No magical or fantasical forces, just a very disturbed woman.

  5. I’m currently reading “The Monstrumologist”…Pretty scary, but even more GORY! The creatures/monsters in the story have so much more strength than a regular human that the only hope the characters have in surviving an encounter with them is the slim chance that the beasts aren’t hungry. A couple times throughout the story I am reminded about the time when I was in the mountains with my dad as a kid. I was afraid of bears. He told me…”You don’t have to worry about outrunning the bear. Just outrun all the other people you are with.” 🙂

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