Review: Whoopi Goldberg speaks out!

Is It Just Me? Or Is It Nuts Out There? by Whoopi Goldberg was a true surprise for me. I was excited to read the book, wondering what Whoopi would find uncivil and rude. Amazingly, I agreed on almost everything! While her acerbic wit is present in all her examples, her statements on personal responsibility and civil behavior are serious and representative of some of the behavior that has somehow become acceptable, no matter how rude others may find it.  Some of her topics include politics, road rage, respect, airport security, texting, bad-mannered parents, and so many other topics. Whoopi even offers advice how to do better or avoid some of these areas of incivility – and it’s good advice! She also offers self-tests on some subjects that was fun to complete (I have never been reprimanded by a flight attendant, and no one has ever had to take my phone away to stop me texting, checking email, etc.) , and there is a master score. (I happen to be a civil person, believe it or not!)

If you don’t mind a little foul language (this is Whoopi Goldberg, after all!) and want a seriously witty look at the impolite and polite behaviors we see more all the time in our society, this is the book for you!

395.122 Goldberg (in the New Book section on the Main Floor)



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