Review: Never Let Me Go

This book, by Kazuo Ishiguro, intrigued me because it sounded like one of the futuristic dystopian novels that I love so much. Kathy is a student at Hailsham, an exclusive boarding school where she has lived as long as she can remember. She juggles relationships with her friends Ruth and Tommy and has teenage troubles like anyone else–except the students at Hailsham are different. As the trio learns more about what it is exactly that sets them apart from everyone else, it rattles their world and leads to a search for answers.

This was very similar, I thought, to The Unit, by Ninni Holmqvist, which I read in the past couple of years. I prefer The Unit, but that could be just because I read that one first. Never Let Me Go is sci fi without hitting you over the head with it, and it is quite mysterious as well. Don’t let the sci fi label scare you away. The movie was just in theaters this year, and I’m eager to see how it compares.

– Marleah


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