Review: Nights of the Red Moon

Nights of the Red Moon by Milton T. Burton is a novel of a small town Texas sheriff whose town is suddenly hit by several murders. Plot ties to a Louisiana hit man, drug lords, and local toughs add to the mix. Bo, the sheriff, is a combination of laid back Texan and “do it my own way” sheriff. He sometimes deals with things the way we wish law enforcement could, but he never really crosses any lines that makes us dislike him. I am reminded a bit of the J. M. Hayes Mad Dog and English novels, although Bo is a bit younger than English. (BTW, the Hayes novels are set in Benteen County, Kansas, which I think is located in the Great Bend/Larned area. Hayes was raised in Kansas, and I highly recommend his books not only for the Kansas connection but they are just great reads!)

Sometimes these small town sheriff mysteries can get a bit monotonous, but I didn’t find that here. The characters are refreshing, and the plot leads us in all sorts of areas that make it interesting and entertaining.



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