Top Ten Checkouts in April

It’s the beginning of a new month – what are you reading and watching? Here are the most popular check-outs from April. Remember, you can search our catalog to find out if these materials are available. In some cases, we have them available in multiple formats – audiobook, DVD, Blu-ray, large print … the options are endless!

Top Ten Books

  1. 44 Charles Street by Danielle Steel (13 checkouts)
  2. Tick Tock by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge (9)
  3. Toys by James Patterson and Neil McMahon (8)
  4. Cross Fire by James Patterson (8)
  5. The Help by Kathryn Stockett (7)
  6. Worth Dying For by Lee Child (6)
  7. Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult (6)
  8. Love You More by Lisa Gardner (6)
  9. The Jungle by Clive Cussler with Jack Du Brul (6)
  10. Hell’s Corner by David Baldacci (6)

Top Ten Films

  1. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (7 checkouts)
  2. NCIS: The Complete First Season (7)
  3. The Big Bang Theory: The Complete First Season (7)
  4. Weeds, Season 6 (6)
  5. Radio (6)
  6. The Man From Nowhere (6)
  7. Inhale (6)
  8. Inception (6)
  9. Good Intentions (6)
  10. The Girl Who Played with Fire (6)

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