Edible Books Results

The Edible Books results are in for 2012! Thanks to Kris Kuksi and Beau Dealy for judging these fantastic creations.

There was one adult winner, with an entry representing Edible Landscaping. This creation included cake, raisins, brown sugar, carrots, licorice, pretzels, mint, coconut, and other delectable ingredients.

The two youth winners both put Rice Krispie treats to great use with their entries. The entry for The Star Fisher shows a reconstruction of the entire laundry and living quarters featured in the book.


The other winner, inspired by Triumph on Everest, used Rice Krispies to create a replica of Mt. Everest, complete with struggling climbers with marshmallow heads and licorice ropes.

These winners walked away with a copy of either How to Cook Everything or the Everything Kid’s Cookbook. To see the rest of the entries, check out our Facebook page! And thanks again to our esteemed judges for making this year’s competition another success. Start planning your entries for next year and you might win too!


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