Human vs Machine

Is technology something that inspires you? Horrifies you? Explore the various aspects of technology at the Creative Writing Group, tonight at 6:00pm in the Schmidt Gallery.

You might think of dusty paper tomes when you imagine the library, but we’ve got plenty for you in the realm of technology. Feel free to use one of our public computers to access many popular software programs including Microsoft Office, as well as the internet.

Looking to learn more about the latest devices, software, or online resources? Visit Brad at one of his technology sessions:

  • Computer classes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11:00am
  • Tech tools classes every Sunday at 2:00pm and Thursday at 6:00pm

We’ve also got … you guessed it: books about technology! Whether it’s an iPad or Amazon Kindle, Microsoft Office or HTML code that you want to learn about, we’ve got a helpful manual for you. If you can’t find it on our shelves, you can place an interlibrary loan or a purchase request, and we’ll work to get it for you!

So whether technology excites or depresses you, ask us about how we can help!


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