Movie Monday- The Whale

Join us in the Schmidt gallery at 6pm for a different movie each month. Pick up one of our movie cards and each punch will get you closer to a chance to win a Sony Reader. This month’s selection is The Whale.


THE WHALE tells the true story of a young, wild killer whale – an orca – nicknamed Luna, who lost contact with his family on the coast of British Columbia and turned up alone in a narrow stretch of sea between mountains, a place called Nootka Sound.  Orcas are social. They live with their families all their lives. An orca who gets separated usually just fades away and dies.  Luna was alone, but he didn’t fade away. There weren’t any familiar orcas in Nootka Sound, but there were people, in boats and on the shore. So he started trying to make contact. And people welcomed him. Most of them.  This contact did not turn out to be simple. It was as if we humans weren’t ready for him.

Can’t make it tonight? Join us next month for Movie Mondays.  We will be watching the documentary Foreign Letters.



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