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case closed

Case Closed

First serialized in 1994, this show has been around for quite a bit. The story surrounds Jimmy Kudo, a Sherlock Holmes fan who aspires to someday become just like him. Jimmy is a high school detective who helps the local police solve cases from time to time. During an investigation, he is attacked by a duo who forces a new experimental poison on him to kill him without leaving any traceable evidence. Instead however, he gets turned into a child! Now he tries to hide his true identity by going by the name of Conan Edogawa and doing his best to find out who did this to him, and how to reverse it!  Mangako: Anime Club will be viewing this title on February 20th in the Schmidt Gallery.



Okabe Rintaro is a self-proclaimed mad scientist who refuses to drink anything besides Dr. Pepper who often refers to himself as Houin Kyouma. He also introduces himself as so, though no one really calls him by that. Instead, Mayuri and Daru often refer to him by the nickname Okarin. He is the mind behind what he calls the “Future Gadget Laboratory” where he comes up with useful (though often not) inventions for everyday things. When in public, he often gives off the appearance of being delusional and paranoid, frequently referring to a nameless organization that is after him, talking to himself on his cell, and engaging in fits of maniacal laughter.  One day, in his attempts at time travel experimentation, he manages to go from turning bananas into goopy slime to actually being able to time travel, however, he is the only one who possesses the ability to determine the changes between the different timelines, an ability he calls the “Reading Steiner”. Crazy events happen as he uses this ability to prevent the death of Makise Kurisu and deal with the outcomes of his action.


Neon Genesis Evangelion

Fourteen-year-old Shinji Ikari is a nervous wreck. He hates being relied on and is terrible with any sort of social interaction. Shinji moves to Tokyo-3 by the summon of his father, Gendo Ikari, the director of the spcial paramilitary force NERV. However, this isn’t a wondrous family reunion, rather his father had asked him to come to pilot a giant biorobot to defend the planet on threats of the planet called “Angels”. These are not your typically viewed angels; rather they are aliens whose goal is to destroy. Shinji ends up being pressured into piloting EVA Unit-01 alongside Rei Ayanami in Unit-00. There are many secrets being held inside NERV headquarters, such as the origins of the Angels, how the EVA units came about (and how they are able to transform into Angels) and this elusive “Human Instrumentality Project” that is meant to save mankind from extinction.


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