Author Visit: Myron Stenzel

Join us tonight May 19th in the Schmidt Gallery at 6pm for an author visit with Myron Stenzel. He will be discussing his book Keep the Light.

Keep the Light


When he finished, the waves washed away a message that he offered to the heavens and the ocean. “I believe in God and the sea, believe in me.”

As the two walked up the beach towards the house, you could almost hear the waves say the words Jim gave the ocean to keep forever.

Chances. We all have taken them in our lives. For Jim Harris, he has taken the biggest chance of all. Giving up everything to chase a career. The one thing that he didn’t count on was that the chance he was taking would lead him to what he needed most in life, the true love of a woman. Keep the Light is a story of family, friendship, true love, and taking that chance. Author Myron Stenzel invites you to take a chance by reading this story of true love. In the end, you will look inside your own self and envision your dreams and passions, and you will forever keep the true meaning of life in your heart-love.


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