Review: Her

herA lonely writer develops an unlikely relationship with his newly purchased operating system that’s designed to meet his every need.

Set in the nearer-than-you-might-think future, this Spike Jonze-directed film has a lot to say and takes its time saying it. Joaquin Phoenix purchases an OS that promises to be intuitive and evolving so that it—she—essentially knows more about him than he does himself. The film does well at showing how our society has become so thoroughly connected that we end up being more disconnected from each other.

Originally, I thought the premise of a computer user falling in love with his operating system was a bit far-fetched, but the film handles it in an entirely convincing way. While watching the film, I felt that it dragged a bit – focusing on particles of dust as they float in the air, snowflakes as they fall between the trees. But then after a couple of days pondering, I realized maybe that was the point – in our hyper-connected world, we don’t slow down enough to notice the small beauties in everyday life.


– Review by Marleah


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